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Welcome to Sports Massage of Dixie

Massage therapy and personal performance development that’s the standard for professional athletes
is now available to you…
SMD is renowned for consistent results at the highest level with an unmatched reputation.


Offering you an integrated performance development model that includes

Not just for the pro’s anymore… Anyone with an active lifestyle or physical job can benefit from science behind our work. Play harder, recover faster and reduce your risk of injury.

Authentic sports massage has its foundation in sports medicine…Injuries happen, it’s a part of living an active lifestyle. But what about the aches and pains from everything else? Medical Massage addresses even the most challenging situations with remarkable results.

After an injury many things change in your body. You’re not as strong, stable or flexible as you were. Corrective exercise addresses this to complete your rehabilitation and allow you to safely and quickly return to the things you love.
Using cutting edge evidence-based sports performance exercise techniques we’re building stronger, faster and biomechanically balanced athletes.

helping you exceed even your own expectations.

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At SPORTS MASSAGE OF DIXIE you’ll experience a different kind of sports therapy.

Specialising in the science of sports and medical massage… Experience for yourself the difference of Board Certified Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork as well as Integrated Performance Development that’s backed by advanced certifications from The National Academy of Sports Medicine.







SPORTS MASSAGE of DIXIE gives you access to the manual therapy and personal fitness that continues to be the standard for professional athletes. We are passionate about what we do with an unmatched reputation

Sports Massage of Dixie is the leading example for Sports and Therapeutic Massage. Many say they do what we do, few do it to our level…

Since 2010 we have been the renowned leader in authentic sports massage and are proud to continue our community support as
Captain of the Ironman St George 70.3 Massage Team.

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What others just like you have to say about our work


As a Doctor of Physical Therapy I highly recommend Paul. I was a little worried about getting a deep tissue massage hours before IM St George 140.6 but my concerns were quickly put to rest. I have been having hip problems and decided to splurge at the last minute. I walked out and raced without any pain in the hip. I wish I had a few more hours in St George I would have loved to see what he could do post race!

Daniel Hsien, May 2012


I’ve had allot of body work over the last 30 years. I found Paul to be the best body mechanic I have yet encountered. I’m a very active muscular athletic guy that carries a lot of tension, history of injuries, and I don’t recover like I did when I was in my 30’s. I came to Paul with misaligned poster, limited rotation in my neck, frozen shoulders and lower back, stiffness and pain. Paul started with a methodical analysis of my lifestyle, poster and flexibility. He worked through all of my joints meticulously, having pinpointed problem areas, combining deep tissue release, stretching and joint manipulation. He took his time and ran overtime. I left in better shape than I have been in a long while, joints aligned, range of motion highly improved, and flexibility restored to my shoulders, neck and hips, pain relieved. If you’re looking the best body mechanic and very real tangible results, you have found your therapist. Seriously, the results have been profound. I’ve reported “good” for ambiance because I didn’t notice, I was there to get fixed and got it.

Toby Speed, June 2017